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Packing Services

MK Relocations also provides all boxes and packaging needed for your home or office move.

Packing Services

When it comes to moving home, packing all of your effects ready for removal is likely to be the
most time consuming & stressful job involved. MK Relocations staff are professionally trained in modern packing techniques and use only the highest quality packing materials to ensure that all of your effects reach their destination safely and in one piece.

Should you require help to disassemble & reassemble any of your furniture, this can be discussed during your home survey.

Below are a few of the packing options available for your move which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Owner Packed

This option assumes that all items are packed and ready for removal when our team arrive. All boxes should be taped closed with which room they are from written on the top of the box, appliances disconnected & furniture disassembled as required. MK Relocations recommend using professional packing boxes as these will ensure your effects are protected and enable our team to easily load the removal lorry.

MK Relocations offers a wide array of boxes and materials for your move. Please speak to a member of our team to discuss which packing materials we can provide for you. Find out more. Sofa cover

MK Relocations: Full Packing Service

MK Relocations are happy to pack all of your effects for you, taking the stress & strain out of your move.

Our courteous & efficient team would usually come to your home the day prior to removal and pack the majority of effects, leaving you the essentials for overnight such as kitchen items, toiletries, clothing & beds. All boxes will be labelled with which room the items were from along with a description of the contents. For example; Kitchen – Glassware or Bedroom 2 – Bedding

If we are disassembling any furniture for you, this would be done along with the packing to ensure your move day is as smooth as possible. The last few items would then be packed on the morning of your move when our team arrive to load your effects.
Fragile objects expertly packed

Fragile Packing Service

For those who would prefer to have their fragile items professionally packed or perhaps don’t have the necessary time to complete all of their packing, then this may well be the option.

Our courteous & efficient team will arrive the day prior to removal and will pack all china, glassware, pictures and mirrors using the highest quality packing materials. All boxes will be labelled with which room the items were from along with a description of the contents. Any fragile items required overnight such as plates, glasses etc, will be packed on the morning of your move.

Packing Materials and Boxes

MK Relocations offers excellent boxes.

Order from our competitively priced ‘Box Shop’


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